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Welcome to Scents by Princess candle shop! We offer high-quality unique luxurious scented candles and more. Our candles are handcrafted and hand-poured that look and smell AMAZING! In fact, our candles look and smell so good you will want to eat them! But they are not edible! Scents by Princess candles make great gifts for all types of celebrations. Check us out for yourself!


Based in Atlanta, Georgia Scents by Princess is a small candle company that makes custom unique luxurious candles and more. The company was founded in 2018 by educator Dr. Princess Walton. With extensive research she decided to create high quality unique scented candles that look and smell amazing but are affordable. Every candle is handmade, and hand poured and made with Soy Paraffin blend or Gel Wax. Her love and passion for candles has driven the company which continues to grow bringing customers the best candles and more. We create candles for any special occasion. We invite you to be a part of Scents by Princess journey by shopping and connecting with us on social media. We appreciate our customers!

Candle Care Instructions

Candle Care Instructions

  • For dessert candles place candle on plate or dish that can withstand heat to catch the overflow wax

  • Never burn any candle for more than 4 hours at time

  • Never leave any candle unattended

  • Always trim your wicks to ¼ inch before relighting. If the wicks aren’t trimmed, the candle will burn to hot and produce SOOT

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets

  • Untrimmed wicks can cause the candle to burn faster

  • Burning your candle until there is no more wax left could cause the container to crack

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